Exhibition: Jet Pilot

Contemporary art from a private collection

Philip Akkermann (*1957)
Luciano Castelli (*1951)
Martin Disler (1949–1996)
Armen Eloyan (*1966)
Anton Henning (*1964)
Hans Josephsohn (*1920)
Martin Kippenberger (1953–1997)
Davide La Rocca (*1970)
Eric van Lieshout (*1968)
Robert Longo (*1953)
Markus Oehlen (*1956)
Julian Opie (*1958)
Evan Penny (*1953)
Dieter Roth (1930–1998)
Alex Sadkowsky (*1934)
Jean-Frédéric Schnyder (*1945)
Erwin Wurm (*1954)

Duration of the exhibition: from April to June 2009
Conception: Silvan Faessler Fine Art in cooperation with Christoph Hürlimann, Bentom AG
Location: Bentom AG, Vorstadt 32, 6300 Zug
Opening hours: by appointment
All presented works from the private collection are not for sale. The exhibition is completed with a selection of works for sale.

View of the exhibition