Lucerne Art Summer

Sales exhibition at Galerie Fischer Lucerne August 13th to 23rd, 2009 in cooperation with Barr & Ochsner Ltd.Liab.Co., Zürich/New York, and Silvan Faessler Fine Art Ltd.Liab.Co., Zug

Press review Lucerne Art Summer

High level modern Art

„A sales exhibition into the wide exhibition space of the Gallery Fischer shows a presentation of works that invites to a tour of the modern art from the past to the present. Three institutions, the Gallery Fischer from Lucerne, Silvan Faessler Fine Art GmbH from Zug and Barr & Ochsner GmbH from Zurich have joined to represent the „Lucerne Art Summer“ and offer high level art, which, Kuno Fischer explains, „corresponds to the level of the Lucerne Festival“.

The positioning of the works has been well considered to „create meaningful and interesting groups“, Silvan Faessler said. „We did not want to only string the works together“. Indeed, very interesting constellations have been created, into one of the display window rooms, where two stripe paintings by Sonia Delaunay, a study for „Football“ by Robert Delaunay and a drawing by Le Corbusier in neighbourhood to a sculptural painted work by Hans Arp and a mobile sculpture by Alexander Calder build a coherent accord.“

Urs Burgmann, in: Neue Luzerner Zeitung, 14.08.2009

Synergetic interesting

For the first time the Gallery Fischer has this year established a cooperation with two, as emphasized by the auctioneer Kuno Fischer, „equally associated galleries“ to achieve the common goal of a „maximum of attention“. Therefore approximately altogether a hundred works from the respective collections of the initiator, the Gallery Silvan Faessler Fine Art from Zug and the local Gallery Barr & Ochsner where brought together. Fischer is also convinced to offer a possibility for bringing together customers in a pleasantly cultivated manner, as we think, is a synergetic interesting aspect, since the companies and traders of one domain rarely consider this as a primary concern. (…) The list [of the exhibited artists] could be continued almost arbitrarily whit impressive names, that goes without saying, that there are also sufficient works of art presented, which not only reach the high price oriented customers, nobody wants to ruin the summer mood in times like these by confronting them with the unreachable.

Annegret Erhard, in: Kunst und Auktionen,31.07.2009

View of the exhibition