Press reviews

«One of the particular features of Art Paris Art Fair is the fact that some galleries show classical works by the internationally renowned modern masters along with works of less prominent artists. Among these flagships of the fair is Silvan Faessler (Zug, Switzerland), who announced to show besides photographs by the American artist Bill Beckley and iron mobiles by the Austrian Knopp Ferro also works on paper by Joan Miró and Sophie Taeuber-Arp. But on top of these will be the original plaster of the Pagoda Fruit (1949) by Jean Arp. This work let to the cast of an edition of three bronzes, of which one is nowadays in the collection of the Tate Liverpool, another one in the Armand Hammer collection at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.»

Frédéric Bonnet, Dans les allées d’Art Paris, in: Le Journal des Arts, 15.03.2015, p. 24.

«The young art fair in Geneva is born under a lucky star: Visitors come, collectors come, and therefore, also galleries come, more and more of them with well-known names.
(...) Silvan Faessler from Zug shows in one part of his booth photographs by the Engadine artist Guido Baselgia. His works are entirely dedicated to light and landscape. Further, Faessler shows classical modern art in his booth, among them an oil painting by Picasso, the painter and the model, which he offers for 2 million Swiss Francs.»

Philipp Meier, In the light of the White Cube. The fourth edition of the Art Geneva convinces by generousness, in: Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 31.01.2015, S. 53.

«Two years ago, it was understandable that the news of another art fair in Geneva should be received with scepticism. There had already been a number of unsuccessful attempts to launch an international art fair in the metropolis on the Rhône - or, more precisely, in the Palexpo complex near the airport, a long way out of town. Nevertheless, Thomas Hug and Simon Lamunière, the long-serving curator of Art Unlimited in Basel, finally managed to gain the support of the Geneva art galleries as well as renowned international players on the market. With this year’s third edition of artgenève, the cultural divide between French- and German-speaking Switzerland appears to have been overcome at last. The Lake Geneva region is expecting an influx of visitors, including representatives of renowned Zurich art galleries, Swiss-German collectors and art lovers.
(…) Silvan Faessler from Zug shows some rare classic modern pencil sketches: here, a pencil drawing by Fernand Léger dating from 1922 – a genuine collector’s piece – costs 200,000 Euros.»

Philipp Meier: Geneva has an art fair again. The third artgenève stands for quality and international participants, in: Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 01.02.2014, page 57.

«It means that, time and time again, you come across some genuine discoveries here. You can see and buy works by local and regional artists, and you will always find works by famous names at prices far more moderate than at major art fairs. For example in the Engadiner Ecke [Engadine Corner] of Silvan Faessler’s booth, from Zug, where a pencil drawing by Alberto Giacometti can be yours for CHF 120,000. On the floor in front of it is a bench (CHF 8,000) by Rolf Sachs, son of Gunter Sachs. Assembled from two Davos sledges, it is not only wonderfully light in appearance but also witty. Behind it is a wall sculpture by the great Not Vital.

Something of a minor sensation at that same booth are two paintings by abstract expressionist Hugo Weber, who was trying his luck as an artist in New York at the time. Undeservedly, this Swiss master of post-war art is now somewhat forgotten; if only he had had an American name, his two wonderful paintings from the 1960s (CHF 65,000 and CHF 100,000) would easily command prices ten times higher.»

Philipp Meier, Zweite Liga ist erste Liga. Zürcher Kunstmessefieber: Die Kunst Zürich in Oerlikon zum 20. Mal [Second league as good as the first league. Zurich art fair fever: Kunst Zurich held in Oerlikon for 20th time], in: Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 31 October 2013, p. 19.

«Photographer Guido Baselgia has spent the summer photographing the Gotthard Massif from an airplane, producing images of nature that are as sublime as they are fascinating. And the closer you zoom in on this world of mountains, some of it snow-covered, all of it filled with ragged and craggy rock faces, the more mythical it appears (Galerie Silvan Faessler, Zug). These and other works are on show at Zurich’s largest art fair.»

Agenda: Kunst 13, in: Tages-Anzeiger, 1 November 2013, p. 21.

«The presentation of local galleries is even more interesting for connoisseurs. Galerie Blondeau & Cie. from Geneva, Galerie Silvan Faessler Fine Art from Zug and the galleries Lullin + Ferrari as well as Scheublein Fine Art from Zurich are among the most interesting ones.»

Christian von Faber-Castell, Geneva catches up. Art Fair Artgenève, in: Finanz und Wirtschaft, 2.2.2013.